Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide

That is a long title! and is the title of my newest book… very happy and feels so good to hold the author copy of the book!

It's a big book :-)
Feeling Happy!

There are many people who directly and indirectly helped with the book. I thank each one from the bottom of my heart.

I had a wonderful publishing team from Sybex (Wiley) to work on this project – Jeff Kellum (Acquisition Editor), Lisa Bishop (Development Editor), Dassi Zeidal (Production Editor), Kathy Grider-Carlyle (Copy Editor) and Pete Gaughan (Editorial Manager). All are great people personally, and exceptional in what they do! Thank you very much…

I am very fortunate to have my good friends and leaders in the Oracle technology space do the technical review of the book. Both are recipients of coveted “DBA of the Year” award and Oracle ACE Directors. Thank you Arup Nanda and Syed Jaffer Hussain for your invaluable input and suggestions.

Thank you Gavin Powell for helping me with a chapter…

My sincere thanks to all who helped throughout, professionally and personally!
Thank you!

I hope this books helps the DBAs looking forward to Oracle Database 12c OCA certification. Sybex will be releasing the OCP study guide and the kit soon…

Good luck with your certification aspirations…


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Dedicated to who dedicated their time for me, not expecting anything in return!




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