Blueprint4D in Dallas!

I am very excited to be a part of Blueprint4D here in my backyard. Very much looking forward to seeing the Oracle peeps and networking. Here is a quick note of my four days at the conference.

Monday, May 8 – 9:15 AM @ Sapphire

The SIG meetings are happening at the same time. Anuj Mohan and I will be leading the Oracle Database 19c SIG meeting in the Sapphire room. Please join us to discuss all things Oracle Database. This is an informal meeting to get your input on how you use the database, your challenges, your cloud roadmap, and so on. Bring your questions or a story to share.

Monday, May 8 – 3:30 PM @ Emerald

I have two speaking sessions at the conference this year. The first one is Maximize your Oracle Database Performance and Availability on Hyperscale Cloud IaaS (OCI, Azure, AWS) at 3:30 PM, focusing on Cloud IaaS for Oracle databases. Running Oracle Database on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud gives the DBA maximum flexibility, just like you have on-premises or a private cloud. AWS, OCI, and Azure have differences in how the IaaS components work. This session will help you to configure the Oracle database for the best performance by choosing the correct virtual machine shape, disk configurations, database parameters, backups, and high availability disaster recovery options.

Monday, May 8 – 4:30 PM @ Governors Lecture Hall

Come to this open house-style session where you’ll gain access to a selection of LiveLabs Workshops (2 of 5) to solve your complex developer requirements using the Oracle Database. Topics include Autonomous Database, APEX, Machine Learning, Database 19c, and Database 21c. Each workshop environment takes between five and 15 minutes to set up. Once set up, you’ll be able to complete this workshop outside of the session time, even after the conference is over.

After a busy day, party and network time starts soon after the LiveLabs. The Blueprint4D welcome reception starts at 5:15. The Happy Hour with the Oracle Database product teams and Oracle ACEs will happen at the Transformation Theatre from 5:15 to 7:00 PM. From there, the Oracle ACEs will head to their dinner. The ACE dinners are always a fun event to catch up with fellow ACEs.

Tuesday, May 9

I do not have any sessions on Tuesday, but I plan to spend time at the ACE booth and attend sessions. There are a ton of good sessions! And hopefully, I get an opportunity to visit the vendors.

Wednesday, May 10 – 11:15 AM @ Topaz

I am honored to moderate a very interesting topic with cloud experts – Oracle-Based Applications Moving to Cloud. My best buddies Kellyn Gorman, Erik Benner, and Alex Zaballa are on the panel. Bring your questions, and let’s have an interactive discussion. Ask about security, technical steps, costs, gotchas, performance, patching, or availability. Let’s talk about moving complex applications like JD Edwards and Peoplesoft to the cloud (not SaaS).

Wednesday, May 10 – 5:00 PM @ Emerald

My second speaking session is just before the Attendee Appreciation Party. Don’t miss this session if you plan to migrate your workloads to OCI.

OCI has several architecture options for applications that run on an Oracle database engine. The HA and DR options differ based on the database service – Oracle on IaaS, DBCS or Database System, Oracle Exa Cloud Service, Autonomous Database, and Cloud at Customer. RAC and Data Guard are the most common HA/DR solutions. Come to find out what other technologies are available in OCI and how to automate DR.

Thursday, May 11

Nothing planned for Thursday yet. I might attend a couple of sessions before heading home.

See you next week in Dallas!


Oracle Tidbits: January/February 2022 #OraTidbit

Oracle *daily* TidBits (#oratidbit) were published on Facebook &Twitter during weekdays in January and February 2022. I hope you find these helpful to learn something new or remind you of its existence and use.

#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB When you enable an Auto Start/Stop Schedule for an Autonomous Database instance, the instance automatically starts and stops according to the schedule you specify. This allows you to reduce costs by scheduling shutdown periods for times when a system is not in use.
#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB The Associated Services area on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console includes the Database Management service to monitor the health of a single Autonomous Database or a fleet of Autonomous Databases.
#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB you can export data from Autonomous Database as text in the following formats: CSV, JSON, or XML.
#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB The CS_SESSION package provides an interface to switch the database service and consumer group of the existing session. When a connection is established with an Autonomous Database, that session is assigned a consumer group. The CS_SESSION package provides an API for switching, for example from LOW to HIGH.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Verrazzano is an end-to-end enterprise container platform for deploying cloud-native and traditional applications in multicloud and hybrid environments. It is made up of a curated set of open source components.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Operations Insights provides 360-degree insight into the resource utilization and capacity of databases and hosts. You can easily analyze CPU and storage resources, forecast capacity issues, and proactively identify SQL performance issues across your database fleet.
#OraTidbit #db21c feature in #db19c Blockchain tables are append-only tables in which only insert operations are allowed. Deleting rows is either prohibited or restricted based on time. Rows in a blockchain table are made tamper-resistant by special sequencing and chaining algorithms.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Oracle Cloud Guard detects misconfigured resources and insecure activity across tenants and provides security administrators with the visibility to triage and resolve cloud security issues. Security inconsistencies can be automatically remediated with out-of-the-box security recipes to effectively scale the security operations center.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service gives development teams the confidence to develop their code on hosts with the latest security patches and helps ensure a smooth transition to build production code. Used with Oracle Cloud Guard, operations teams gain a unified view of all hosts to quickly remediate any open ports or patch unsafe packages discovered by Vulnerability Scanning Service.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Oracle Visual Builder Studio (VB Studio) brings you all the functionality previously available with Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Oracle Visual Builder, along with the ability to extend certain Oracle Cloud Applications to customize the UI for your business needs.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Verrazzano is an end-to-end enterprise container platform for deploying cloud-native and traditional applications in multicloud and hybrid environments. It is made up of a curated set of open source components
#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB The DB_NOTIFICATIONS view stores information about maintenance status notifications and timezone version upgrade notifications for your Autonomous Database instance.
#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB Autonomous Database provides routines to manage and store files in Cloud Code (Git) Repositories. The supported Cloud Code Repositories are: GitHub Repository, AWS CodeCommit, and Azure Repos.
#OraTidbit #AutonomousDB The Associated Services area on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console includes a Database Management link. You can use Database Management service to monitor the health of a single Autonomous Database or a fleet of Autonomous Databases.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console Dashboards
service allows you to create custom dashboards in the OCI Console to monitor resources, diagnostics, and key metrics for your tenancy. A dashboard is a collection of widgets. Each widget presents one set of data.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Observability and Management Services: The OCI Logging Analytics service is a highly scalable, reliable, and real-time log analysis solution. Logging Analytics automates the collection of historic and real-time logs from any on-premises or cloud resource.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Observability and Management Services: Database Management includes two options for Oracle Cloud Databases – Basic (free), and full-management (additional cost).
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Observability and Management Services: On the Fleet Summary page, you can monitor multiple Oracle Databases, which include single instance and RAC databases. This enables you to proactively detect and identify the root cause of performance issues across a fleet of databases and respond to performance and configuration-related alerts.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud Observability and Management Services: Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics is a cloud solution that lets you index, enrich, aggregate, explore, search, analyze, correlate, visualize and monitor all log data from your applications and system infrastructure.
#OraTidbit #OracleCloud OCI Vision is a serverless, cloud-native service that provides deep learning-based, prebuilt, and custom computer vision models over REST APIs. OCI Vision helps you identify and locate objects, extract text, and identify tables, document types, and key-value pairs from business documents like receipts.