Oracle18c Database on your Windows laptop in 6 clicks!

Oracle Database 18c (18.3) is available for download for windows platform since August 22, 2018. If you are new to Oracle or if you are a developer and need a database to play with, you can install an Oracle database quickly on your laptop with a few clicks. 

Download the software from Oracle Technology Network. Unzip the downloaded file. Remember, the directory where you unzip the software is the ORACLE_HOME. From 18c onwards, there are no copying files from staging location during the install, you unzip the files to the designated Oracle Home directory. 

Click 1: Initiate the installer

Run setup.exe 

Click 2 : Configuration option

Choose option to install the software and create database.

Click 3: System class

Choose Desktop class for quick and easy install.

Click 4: Oracle home user

Choose virtual account for easy install.

Click 5: Install configuration

Specify location of oracle software install directory (the ORACLE_HOME), where the database files go and the database name. Provide an administrator password. This is your SYS and SYSTEM user password. 

Click 6: Summary

Review the summary, and click Install.