EBS R12.1.3 Post-upgrade Invalid Objects

It is common to have many new invalid objects after an EBS upgrade, and many DBAs take it as the new norm. I think a little bit of research can help to clean out the invalid objects – in fact most of the custom objects that are invalid are pretty much unused by the application and can be dropped right away (take a backup of the code).

We can drop many seeded objects also. Here is a list of invalid seeded objects we found after an EBS upgrade, and related MOS notes identifying them as not needed for application functionality in EBS 12.1.

  • Drop ARP_DDREMIT_FMT_PKG – Refer to Doc ID 1534108.1
  • Drop AP_CCE_BANK_UPGRADE – Refer to BUG 9679899
  • Drop CSE_PROJ_TRANSFER_PKG – Refer to Doc ID 1098989.1
  • Drop CZ_IMP_SINGLE_DEBUG – Refer to Doc ID 398525.1
  • Drop EGO_DEMO_PUB – Refer to Doc ID 2079240.1
  • Drop FA_JOURNALS_PKG – Refer to Doc ID 1078410.1
  • Drop GL_BALANCE_FIX – Refer to Doc ID 1540767.1
  • Drop OE_CREDIT_CARD_MIGRATE_UTIL – Refer to Doc ID 603741.1
  • Drop OKS_CCENCRYPTION_PKG – Refer to Doc ID 413213.1
  • Drop PA_AP_XFER_PKG – Refer to Doc ID 1674338.1
  • Drop ZPB_BUILD_METADATA – Refer to Doc ID 1951646.1
  • Drop view GMF_END_PRD_HLTH_CHK_MAIN_V – Refer to Doc ID 1954028.1
  • Follow the instructions in “APPS.MSC_DEMANTRA_PKG PACKAGE WILL NOT COMPILE (Doc ID 1067492.1” to make MSC_DEMANTRA_PKG valid
  • Package body AP_PAYMENT_EVENT_WF_PKG do not have package definition. Follow instructions in “PACKAGE APPEWFPB.PLS MISSING AFTER THE UPGRADE TO 12.1.1 (Doc ID 1180533.1)”
  • Follow the instructions in ” Unable to Compile WMS_EPC_PVT get ‘MGD_IDCOMPONENT_VARRAY’ Must be Declared Error (Doc ID 1070991.1″ to make WMS_EPC_PVT valid.

There may be more depending on the patches applied and modules enabled in your database. Do a search with the invalid object name on MOS. Most likely you will find a note.

Hope this helps…


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