Oracle Daily Tidbits Feb 2016

Oracle *daily* TidBits” (#oratidbit) published at on weekdays in February 2016. You will also see these tidbits, one tidbit at a time, for each page refresh on the right side of this blog as well… Hope you find these helpful to learn something new or to remind you of its existence and use…

#oratidbit Oracle XML Database is mandatory component of Oracle Database 12c. You cannot uninstall it, and there is no option not to include it when you create a new database. If during the upgrade, Oracle XML DB is not found, then Oracle XML DB is automatically loaded into the SYSAUX tablespace.
#oratidbit In Oracle DB 12c, utility replaces the catupgrd.sql script to upgrade database manually. If you choose to run the catupgrd.sql script instead of running, then you must provide a parameter input @catupgrd.sql PARALLEL=NO.
#oratidbit The IGNORECASE argument of ORAPWD and the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON system parameter are deprecated in Oracle Database 12c.
#oratidbit When manually upgrading a database to 12c, you must run catuppst.sql script after upgrade to perform remaining upgrade actions that do not require the database to be in UPGRADE mode. If an Oracle patch set update (PSU) has been installed in the Oracle Home, then this script will automatically apply that PSU to the database.
#oratidbit If you created statistics tables using the DBMS_STATS.CREATE_STAT_TABLE procedure, after DB upgrade they must be upgraded to current release using DBMS_STATS.UPGRADE_STAT_TABLE procedure.
#oratidbi OEM Cloud Control 13c requires Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Release 1 ( and Java Development Kit 1.7.0_80. The installation wizard automatically installs them while installing a new Enterprise Manager system.
#oratidbit Starting with 13c Release 1, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control offers Agent Gold Images that can be used for mass-deployment and upgrade of Management Agents in your environment. An Agent Gold Image represents the ideal state of a Management Agent in a data center managed by Enterprise Manager, having a customized configuration of the desired versions of the Management Agent software, the desired versions of the monitoring plug-ins, and the desired patches.
#oratidbit OEM Cloud Control 12c releases 3,4,5 can be upgraded directly to OEM Cloud Control 13c.
#oratidbit Beginning with Enterprise Manager 13c Release 1 (, BI Publisher is installed and automatically configured alongside Enterprise Manager. It is not possible to de-install or otherwise de-configure BI Publisher, as it is a base framework component of Enterprise Manager.
#oratidbit The system broadcast feature of OEM 13c provides a way for the super administrator to send a pop-up message to all users of Enterprise Manager.
#oratidbit Beginning with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control version 12cR3, EM CLI includes an embedded Jython interpreter (Jython 2.5.3), where all of the verbs are registered as functions, known as EM CLI verb functions or simply functions.
#oratidbit OEM Management Repository tables mgmt_targets, mgmt_roles and mgmt_created_users show the details on targets monitored, roles defined and users in OEM.
#oratidbit Oracle DB 11g and up have block change tracking support for standby databases. License for Oracle Active Data Guard required to enable BCT at standby. MOS 468576.1.
#oratidbit Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database helps to set up a Database Cloud and operate the Database as a Service model. The Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database requires the Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database.
#oratidbit In #Oracle #DB12c, Oracle ASM Filter Driver (Oracle ASMFD) is installed with Grid Infrastructure installation. This filter helps to prevent users with administrative privileges from inadvertently overwriting Oracle ASM disks.

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