Pre-Built Oracle Database on VirtualBox

Step by step screenshots showing the installation of Virtual box and configuring pre-built Oracle Database (including in-memory option). A quick way to get started on Oracle Database 12c. This is a very easy setup, though many do not know how easy it is to get started and playing with Oracle Database 12c on Linux platform using VirtualBox. Hopefully these screens will convince you to download and setup, and start playing with Database 12c and its various options. There are not many complicated steps to get this done, the screens are pretty much self-explanatory!

First download and Install VirtualBox. Always download the latest and greatest version.

Then download the pre-built Oracle Database 12c ( Virtual Host Image file, and import to VirtualBox.

By default the VM is configured to use only 1GB RAM. This is very low. If your computer has memory, 4G or more for the VM would be really beneficial.

Good Luck learning Oracle Database 12c!

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  1. awesome and time-saver. I usually create new instances of VirtualBox for temporary testing or projects.

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