MOS Docs to Review for EBS DB Upgrade to 11gR2 (Latest Patch Release)

If you are considering Oracle database upgrade from 9i/10g to 11gR2 or applying release patches ( to or, several issues can be avoided by applying the recommended patches and PSU.  And if you are not on the latest 11gR2 release ( or, I strongly recommend getting there, with the latest PSU possible… The following are must-review reference documents for upgrading Oracle database to 11gR2, that supports EBS 11i or R12.1.

  • Interoperability Notes EBS 12.0 and 12.1 with Database 11gR2 (Doc ID 1058763.1)
  • Interoperability Notes Oracle EBS 11i with Oracle Database 11gR2 (11.2.0) (Doc ID 881505.1)
  • Oracle Recommended Patches — Oracle Database (Doc ID 756671.1)
  • Database Patch Set Update Overlay Patches Required for Use with PSUs and Oracle E-Business Suite (Doc ID 1147107.1)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Recommended Performance Patches (Doc ID 244040.1)

Make sure the initialization parameters are setup correctly. You may unset the AQ_TM_PROCESS parameter (alter system reset aq_tm_processes scope=spfile sid=’*’;).

  • Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 396009.1)
  • Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle Applications Release 11i (Doc ID 216205.1)
  • bde_chk_cbo.sql – EBS initialization parameters – Healthcheck (Doc ID 174605.1)

Running this script before and after upgrade provides a good comparison.

  • Script to Collect DB Upgrade/Migrate Diagnostic Information (dbupgdiag.sql) (Doc ID 556610.1)

It is better to truncate the SYS.AUD$ table with large amount or rows, when upgrading from 10g to 11g. Also, remember to purge recycle bin before upgrade.

  • How to Pre-Process SYS.AUD$ Records Pre-Upgrade From 10.1 or later to 11gR1 or later. (Doc ID 1329590.1)

After upgrade, you might want to proactively take care of these as well…

  • 11i – 12 Gather Schema Statistics fails with Ora-20001 errors after 11G database Upgrade (Doc ID 781813.1)

Apply the EBS patch to utilize the new 11gR2 statistics gathering features in EBS jobs

  • Best Practices for Gathering Statistics with Oracle E-Business Suite (Doc ID 1586374.1)

Good luck with the database upgrade (or patch release apply)!






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