OracleDB12c New Feature: Misc Security Changes

Security in Oracle12c Database is enhanced, in this blog will try to identify few difference you would see compared with 11gR2.

SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege in 12c excludes access to the following tables with authentication information:

  • ENC$
  • LINK$
  • USER$

AUDIT_TRAIL initialization parameter is set to DB by DBUA and DBCA utilities when a database is upgraded or created.

In the previous versions when a user is granted the RESOURCE role, the UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privilege was granted. This is removed in 12c. If UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privilege required, it must be granted explicitly.

The ORAPWD utility’s ¬†IGNORECASE option is deprecated. The default is N. Similarly the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter is deprecated as well.



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