Oracle11gR1 – To Read…

 Database Replay – OTN  Documentation
 Interval and Reference Partitions – Paper   Documentation
 SQL Query Result Cache – OTN   Documentation
SQL Performance Analyzer – OTN Documentation
 SQL Plan Baseline – OTN  Documentation
Automatic SQL Tuning Enhancements – Documentation
Snapshot Standby – Documentation
Active Data Guard (Real-time query) – Documentation
OLTP Table Compression – OTN-OOW   Documentation
AutoTask Infrastructure – Documentation
Virtual Columns – Documentation
Flashback Data Archive (Oracle Total Recall) – OTNDocumentation
Flashback Transaction – OTN  Documentation
Automatic Diagnostic Repository & ADRCI – Documentation
Data Recovery Advisor – OTN  Documentation
Active DB Duplication – Documentation
Multi-section backups – Documentation
Lightweight Jobs in Scheduler – Documentation
Fine grained dependency tracking – Documentation

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