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The scripts available on this page are written and regularly used by me as part of Database administration. The scripts are provided "as is" to help fellow DBAs. Before using the scripts on a production environment, please test them on a non-production database. Please go through the script and understand what it is doing. The author will not accept any responsibility for any kind of "undesired scenarios" on your database by using the scripts. The scripts are grouped as follows: 

Object Information

PL/SQL scripts which produce formatted reports with details on database objects. Scripts include information on tablespaces, tables, storage space used for tables and indexes, roles, users, rollback segments, stored programs, audits, dependency, scheduled jobs, etc. 

Utility Scripts

These are real helpful scripts for DBAs to save time, and also prevent them from making syntax errors. Use these scripts to shrink rollback segments, coalesce tablespaces, compile all invalid objects, estimate space of index, trace sessions, etc. 

Generate Source Code

Use these scripts to quickly build a table or index or view or any database object creation script. A PL/SQL package called GENSQL will help you rebuild the entire database structure. 

UNIX Shell scripts

These ksh scripts work like an executable, they login to Oracle and get you the information. Scripts include database monitoring, check alert logs, find oracle home, change between differect SIDs, etc. 


Complete set of UNIX and Oracle scripts work like a package. Tools include database up/down time monitor, database performance monitor, etc. Set them up in the crontab and you do not have to worry. 

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