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10g 9i 8i 7.3 Written Topic
Jan 2001 Upgrading Databases - Oracle7, Oracle8 and 8i
Nov 2000 Summary in SQL - Using CUBE in GROUP BY Clause
Oct 2000 Summary in SQL - Using ROLLUP in GROUP BY Clause
Sep 2000 Temporary Tablespaces
Aug 2000 New Columns in the DBA_DATA_FILES and V$DATAFILE views
Jul 2000 8i - New Columns in the DBA_TABLESPACES View
Jun 2000 Finding Object Dependencies using DBA views
May 2000 Reorganizing Tables in Oracle8i
Apr 2000 Read-only Tables
Mar 2000 Migrate Oracle 7.3.4 to 8i using MIG utility
Feb 2000 Move table to another tablespace/user
Jan 2000 Database Links
Dec 1999 PL/SQL file IO in UNIX
Nov 1999 Using DBMS_SQL for dynamic SQL
Oct 1999 Rename or move a datafile
Sep 1999 UNIX - Process in background
Aug 1999 Remove duplicate rows
Jul 1999 Hot backup in Oracle - Scripts
Jun 1999 Cold backup in Oracle - Scripts
May 1999 Oracle Certified DBA
Apr 1999 SQL*Net Configuration
Mar 1999 Copying Database in UNIX
Feb 1999 Creating Database in UNIX
Jan 1999 Partitions in Oracle8
Dec 1998 Export / Import examples, scripts to use with import.
Nov 1998 Tracing Oracle Sessions - tkprof, Explain Plan, tracing from PL/SQL, Autotrace.
Oct 1998 ARCHIVELOG mode of database operation
Aug 1998 Operating system authentication - OPS$ accounts and REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT
Jul 1998 DBMS_JOB - Package to schedule jobs through Oracle : Example to collect statistics using PL/SQL Package
Jun 1998 Script to check bad (date) data values in the database - Example for dynamic SQL (Y2K Date test)

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