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These are few of the articles I came across on the web when searching to find a solution or just browsing... (click on the bullet to expand list)

Planning Extents
Sizing Extents for Performance
How much benefit is there in building a table/index that fits into a single extent
How to stop de-fragmenting and start living
Pete Finnigan's SQL Trace Options
Myths and Facts
Jonathan's Folklore
Myths about extents and performance
Gaja Krishna Vaidhyanatha's Folklore
Performance Management Myths and Facts
Backup and Recovery - Options available
Oracle Backup and recovery
High availability using Oracle8i
B&R Best practices
SQL Understanding & Tuning
Metalink Bullettin: SQL - Explanation of Complex Correlated SQL UPDATE Statements : DOC ID 2187.1
Juan's Tuning Tips
Cost Based Optimization
What's the job of a DBA
Oracle DBA responsibilities
Tasks, responsibilities & skills required

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