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FormsAPI Master - leverage the power of the Oracle Forms6/6i Open Application Interface

Analyze UTLESTAT/UTLBSTAT and Statspack reports

Alex Geldutes - DBAonCall.Net - Scripts and Tips

Oracle Precompilers Online Documentation

Oracle Underground FAQ - Great Oracle Sites To Visit

Oracle Technet (Has Oracle documentation for all platforms and versions)

Lazy DBA - Discussion Forum

Peter Koletzke's Oracle Home Page

International Oracle Users Group - Americas

Revealnet Oracle Administration Knowledge Base

Oracle User Forum and Fan Club

Kjetil's List of Oracle Books

Rhubarb's Oracle Links Page, DBA Books, Technical Support Bulletins

Oraworld - Utilities / Shareware

Oracle Database Assistant    Knight Writers Software

Oraxel - Oracle to Excel Tool


Rama K Nalam's Oracle Links

Randy Shelly's Oracle Links Page

ERP Assist's Oracle Site

Volunteer experts answer all your Oracle questions for free

Deepak Chebbi's Knowledge Base


Jeff Hunter's Oracle Page

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