Oracle10g New Features for DBA

What’s new in Oracle10g that is of interest to a DBA?

Simplified Oracle10g installation

Enhanced Enterprise Manager

Introducing DataPump - The load/unload utility

Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

Automatic Shared Memory Management

Automatic Optimizer Statistics Gathering

Automatic Undo Tuning

Automatic Workload Repository

Automatic Storage Management

Automatic Maintenance Tasks

SQL Tuning Advisor

SQL Access Advisor

Undo Advisor

Redo Logfile Size Advisor

Bigfile Tablespaces

New Flashback Features

The SYSAUX Tablespace

Direct Upgrade to 10g

UNIX Style Regular Expressions in SQL


New (bunch of) Wait Events

New Initialization Parameters

Rename Tablespace

Flush buffer cache

Temporary Tablespace Groups

Default Permanent Tablespace

Segment Shrink

Skip Unusable Indexes

Drop Database

Server Alerts

Transport tablespace across platforms

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