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Oracle University Interview During Oracle Open World 2012 - Video
Magazine Articles
OATUG Insight Magazine Fall 2019: Using ORAchk and DBSAT on EBS Environments [Magazine]
CIO Review Sep 2019: Future of Oracle Database Administrators in the Autonomous World [Magazine]
NoCOUG Journal 2016 FEB: Many Things Oracle (Oracle lesser known views and 12c MGMTDB) [Magazine]
NoCOUG Journal 2015 NOV: Many Things Oracle (Oracle Database 12c New Processes and SQL Developer) [Magazine]
NoCOUG Journal 2015 AUG: Many Things Oracle (Trace File Analyzer Collector) [Magazine]
NoCOUG Journal 2015 MAY: Many Things Oracle (Listener IFILE, LREG process) [Magazine]
OTech Magazine Winter 2014: Oracle Flashback - Empowering the Power Users! [Magazine]
NoCOUG Journal 2015 FEB: Many Things Oracle (Oracle Database 12c new parameters) [Magazine]
NoCOUG Journal 2014 NOV: Many Things Oracle (misc 12c new features) [Magazine]
OAUG Insight Magazine Fall 2014: Applicaiton Performance Management Tools Proof of Concept (coauthor)
OTech Magazine Winter 2013: Enforcing Principle of least privilege using Oracle Database 12c [Slideshare]
IOUG Select Journal Q3 2011: Secure the Configuration, but Don't Forget the Audtit Trail (coauthor)
IOUG Select Journal Q1 2002: Enhancements to Oracle9i SQL
Oracle Internals Jun 2001: Oracle8i - Life Made Easier
Oracle Internals Aug 2000: Reorganize Database - Case Study
Oracle Internals May 2000: Oradebug - An Undocumented Utility
Oracle Magazine Sep 1999: New Log Analysis Tool Oracle8i

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