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I have been receiving numerous emails on Oracle Certification. Let me try to provide some information ...


I have not seen yet OCP as a requirement for any DBA position, but I know companies recognize the OCP certificate. This can be viewed as a recognition for your Oracle knowledge.


Are these tests tough? No... if you're working on Oracle as a DBA. Most of the questions are basic and practical from your every day DBA life. Hey, know what... you can be certified even if you have not touched Oracle database, but have the training material and good memory!!! (No comments on the certification process here :-) 

The best place to go first for the certification details is the Oracle Education Site. Check this site frequently, they sometime offer FREE beta certification exams. Beta exams have more questions and more time to answer. Once the actual test questions are finalized, you will be evaluated and given certification. Certification guide gives you information about the process and the test center locations. You can also download sample exam questions (40 questions in each paper). Be sure to download the candidate guide and go through the course details. This will give you a clear idea of what you should prepare for the exam. If you already know all the topics in this guide, don't wait... register for the exam today! Also go through the test contents in the DBA certification track overview. has many links and lot of good stuff on certification. The Oracle notes site is devoted for certification.

DBdomain has a good compilation of certification requirements and they also offer a training course (Study guide for OCP exam). Browse their site and understand the course details. Even if you're not taking up their course, it will help you to prepare for the exam.

You may also download sample questions from dbaPREP, this software is mainly for the Chauncey Group Test, but Oracle is Oracle.

If you do not want to spend big money on the OCP training courses, check out the certification books...

The tests are 90 minutes duration with 60 questions. The passing score is 620/800.


You can register for the tests online from Oracle Education site or by calling the Sylvan Prometric. Testing locations can be found here. If you are member of IOUG or Technet, be sure to claim discount for the OCP tests.


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