OCA12c – 1Z0-061 – Additional Reading 05

[Additional] Reading material for 1z0-061 Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals test.

Chapter 5: Using Joins and Subqueries explains how data from multiple tables can be related via joins, subquries. and by using SET operators.

  • 7 Displaying Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
    • 7.1 Write SELECT statements to access data from more than one table using equijoins and nonequijoins
    • 7.2 Join a table to itself by using a self-join
    • 7.3 View data that generally does not meet a join condition by using OUTER joins
    • 7.4 Generate a Cartesian product of all rows from two or more tables
  • 8 Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
    • 8.1 Define subqueries
    • 8.2 Describe the types of problems that the subqueries can solve
    • 8.3 Describe the types of subqueries
    • 8.4 Write single-row and multiple-row subqueries
    • 8.5 Using the SET operators
    • 8.6 Describe set operators
    • 8.7 Use a set operator to combine multiple queries into a single query
    • 8.8 Control the order of rows returned

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