Rename Diskgroup in ASM

Rename ASM Diskgroup [11gR2]
In 11gR2 it is possible to rename an ASM diskgroup. This is especially useful when performing database copy using OS level LUN mirroring technologies.
The renamedg command is used to rename diskgroups. It has the following options:
$ renamedg -help
Parsing parameters..
phase                           Phase to execute,
                                (phase=ONE|TWO|BOTH), default BOTH
dgname                          Diskgroup to be renamed
newdgname                       New name for the diskgroup
config                          intermediate config file
check                           just check-do not perform actual operation,
                                (check=TRUE/FALSE), default FALSE
confirm                         confirm before committing changes to disks,
                                (confirm=TRUE/FALSE), default FALSE
clean                           ignore errors,
                                (clean=TRUE/FALSE), default TRUE
asm_diskstring                  ASM Diskstring (asm_diskstring=’discoverystring’,
                                ‘discoverystring1’ …)
verbose                         verbose execution,
                                (verbose=TRUE|FALSE), default FALSE
keep_voting_files               Voting file attribute,
                                (keep_voting_files=TRUE|FALSE), default FALSE
To rename a diskgroup, it must be stopped [or unmounted].
$ srvctl stop diskgroup -g oops1
$ renamedg dgname=oops1 newdgname=good1 verbose=true
$ srvctl start diskgroup –g good1
You must manually rename all database files on the diskgroup to reflect the new name using ALTER DATABSE RENAME FILE command.
Even after successful rename command, old diskgroup resources in Oracle Restart must be manually removed using the srvctl command.

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