Oracle EBS Housekeeping Jobs

For a long time, I searched for a comprehensive list of housekeeping jobs [Standard EBS jobs provided by Oracle] that should be scheduled periodically on the EBS instance. Since I could not find a single source, came up with my own after a lot of reading… There may be more, but these should be scheduled on the EBS to keep the instance performing healthy… The arguments and run interval may need to be modified to suit the workload and business requirement… but this will get you started… Few jobs may need multiple scheduling with different parameters…

Job       : Gather Schema Statistics 
Executable: FNDGSCST 
Frequency : Daily 
Parameters: ALL, 10, , NOBACKUP, , LASTRUN, GATHER AUTO, , N 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: ALL, 10, 4, NOBACKUP, , LASTRUN, GATHER, , Y  

Job       : JTF Item InterMedia Index Optimizing operation
Executable: JTFOPTI 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: FULL, 2 

Job       : JTF Item InterMedia Index Sync Operation
Executable: JTFSYNC 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: (None) 

Job       : MES InterMedia Index Sync Operation
Executable: AMVSYNC 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: (None) 

Job       : OCM InterMedia Index Synchronizing for Attribute Bundles 
Executable: IBCSYNCATTR 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: (None) 

Job       : Purge Debug Log and System Alerts FNDLGPRG 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: (Date – 30 days)

Job       : Purge FND_STATS History Records 
Executable: FNDPGHST 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: DATE, 01-Jan-00, 30-JUN-11 

Job       : Purge Obsolete Generic File Manager Data 
Executable: FNDGFMPR Daily 
Parameters: Y, , 

Job       : Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data FNDWFPR 
Frequency : Weekly
Parameters: , , 60, PERM, N, 500, N Weekly , , 60, TEMP, N, 500, N 

Job       : Purge Signon Audit data FNDSCPRG 
Frequency : Weekly 
Parameters: (Date – 60 days)

Job       : Workflow Agent Activity Statistics Concurrent Program  
Frequency : Daily 
Parameters: (None) 

Job       : Workflow Background Process 
Executable: FNDWFBG 
Frequency : 12 HOURS 
Parameters: , , , N, N, Y 
Frequency : 1 HOUR
Parameters: , , , N, Y, N 
Frequency : 5 MINUTES 
Parameters: , , , Y, N, N 

Job       : Workflow Control Queue Cleanup 
Frequency :  12 HOURS 
Parameters: (None) 

Job       : Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation
Executable: FNDWFDSURV 
Frequency : Daily 
Parameters: 10000, Y, Y, Y 

Job       : Workflow Mailer Statistics Concurrent Program
Frequency : Daily 
Parameters: (None) 

Job       : Workflow Work Items Statistics Concurrent Program
Frequency : Daily 
Parameters: (None)  


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