Oracle9i New Feature Series: Oracle Managed Files (OMF)

Oracle Managed Files (OMF) is introduced in Oracle9i. OMF lets the DBA not worry about file names and location once a parameter is defined in the database. This is good for non-production databases where you can afford to keep all your data files in one location or on LVM systems.

OMF is managed by the following parameters:

DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST Specifies the location of the data files. This parameter can be altered dynamically.

DB_CREATE_ONLINE_LOG_DEST_n Specifies the location of the redo log files. The n can from 1 through 5, meaning you can specify up to 5 locations for redo log files.


No need to specify the location, size or name of the data files when creating tablespaces.
Automatically removes files from the OS when tablespace or redo group is dropped.
Third party applications need not worry about OS specific file name conventions.

Im personally not a fan of OMF, but I use the INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES clause of DROP TABLESPACE to remove the OS files when a tablespace is dropped. I like this feature.


Read more about OMF at OTN 9i daily feature March 20

Also, see Oracle documentation.

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