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The script comes from Gavin Soorma. Thanks Gavin for sending this to me.

The script enable database creation real easily with the minimum effort and room for error. A few salient features of the script are

ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_BASE need to be defined

Some of the inputs required are the file locations for database , control and redo files - eg /oracle1
Will loop until a valid path is specified. No need to specify the full path - just the base like /oracle1. It will then create the directories under /oracle1- for example it will create the ORACLE and $SID directories so the full path will be /oracle1/ORACLE/xxx/......dbf Will also ask for block size and divides databases into two broad catergories - BIG and SMALL and creates different init.ora files accordingly so that the SGA for a small db will be about 25M and for a large db will be about 50M.

It will create the bdump,cdump,udump,pfile etc directories under $ORACLE_BASE/admin/$SID

It will run the scripts like catexp,catproc,catblock,dbsyn etc etc

It will also prompt you for the name of DBA accounts to be created as OPS$ accounts. OPS$ORACLE user is created by default.

It will create a symbolic link in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory for the init.ora which is in the $PFILE directory.

It will update the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files as well.

Finally it will ask you whether the database is to be created in ARCHIVELOG mode where you have to provide the log dest directory.It will start up the database and change the log mode as well.

It has been tested on both ver 7.3 as well as 8.0.4 on Sun and Aix platforms

I am sure you will find something else which can be added to improve the functionality. Just a word of caution - make sure the id running the script has permissions to create sub directories and directories.

CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIPT>>>  createdb.txt

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